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50g Repcillin Crocodile Balm R350

IMG 3677original

Repcillin crocodile balm is a gentle and mild skin cream. 

It is a blend of essential oils and beeswax. 

 This general purpose balm is suited for all skin types.

May be used for excema, psoriasis, cuts, burns, insect bites and other general skin problems.


50ml Repcillin Beauty Moisturiser R175  

 IMG 3677beauty-moisturiser

 New Repcillin beauty moisturiser nourishes and hydrates your skin.

 We recommend daily usage for healthy care and repair.
 Attention! Once you have tried this product, you will not want to use another moisturiser!



50ml Repcillin Crocodile Oil Spray R175 

IMG 3737-oil 

 Repcillin Crocodile Oil is ideal for dry skin. 

 This product is very gentle on the skin and suitable for babies. 

 It is also very popular amongst sports enthusiasts such as divers, cyclists, surfers & holiday makers etc. 

This quickly absorbed oil is an excellent general purpose moisturizing oil.




5 RepSticks R145

IMG 3739 lips 

 Skin care and repair in a stick. 

 Repsticks are not just for irresistible lips, but can also be used on cuts, burns, sun spots, blisters, wrinkles, dark circles etc.

Contains Repcillin Crocodile Oil.




90 Crocodile Oil Softgel capsules R1400


IMG 3734caps

 Contains 90 x 1000mg of pure Repcillin Crocodile Oil. 

Crocodile oil has been scientifically proven to have anti-imflammitory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.






9g Repcillin Crocodile Oil Balm RXXX

Our quality Repcillin balm available in a handy pocket size.



100ml Repcillin Bath Oil R100

A soothing lavender infused Repcillin bath oil. Use 1/2tsp in babies' baths and 1tsp for adults. The Repcillin Crocodile Oil in this product disperses in water.


60g Repcillin Soap R107

A moisturising soap bar for gentle skin and scalp care. Also contains Repcillin Crocodile Oil. 


Pet Oil 

30ml R97
100ml R325

A multipurpose pet oil with Repcillin Crocodile Oil. Can be used on household pets.



250ml Repcillin Equine Spray R750

A larger size Repcillin Oil with a spray nozzle dispenser for ease of application.





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