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How Repcillin products can help you

Nile Crocodile Oil combined with other natural ingredients, which haven proven benefits, can offer an alternative skincare solution to various skin issues and conditions. Our products have been used on dermatitis, acne, razor burn and bumps, excema, bed sores, discolouration and skin pigmentation, dark circles under eyes, minor burns, dryness and flakiness of the skin, bar rot (paronychia), nappy rash, abrasions, scrapes. athlete’s foot, itchy scalp, psoriasis, sunburn, skin allergies, blisters, insect bites, thrush, warts and ulcers.

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Repcillin Origin

Our passion for amazing Crocodile Oil started in 2005. John Sweet was watching a BBC documentary about the incredible properties of the immune system in crocodiles. We researched about the properties of amazing Crocodile Oil ourselves and after tweaking formulae- Repcillin was born. We couldn't wait to share our products with everyone. Over ten years later we are still as passionate about Repcillin as when we first started.

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Repcillin Production

Repcillin is 100% made in South Africa. We support local businesses, helping them to maintain and create employment and we try to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum. Repcillin products are made and packaged in HACP , GMP and ISO accredited facilities. The ingredients in Repcillin formulations are sourced from reputable, sustainable farms and are of the highest quality.

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Repcillin Today

The Repcillin brand and business has been in existence for over 10 years in South Africa. During this time, we have spread our wings so that our products can be made available in many parts of the world. ​To this end, ​Repcillin products have​ been ​successfully ​registered on the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal ​undergoing all the ​required safety assessments ​in order ​to comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations (EC 1223/2009). ​This year we're aiming to expand to a greater number of stockists in South Africa, so that more people can benefit from this amazing skin balm.

Recent Independent Research Studies:

Nile Crocodile Oil has been found to contain the following properties:

Highly penetrating
It also naturally contains:

Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Linoleic acid
Oleic acid
Omega 3,6 &9

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