Eczema Assistance Part 1

By emma


When it comes to eczema, then prevention is key.

At the very first sign of trouble - Keep calm and apply the moisturizer!

You need a warm, not hot, shower/bath, to soothe your mind, then apply a good barrier repair moisturizer, some chamomile tea and a good night’s sleep under cotton sheets.

Lock in the moisture and stave off a flare up attack.

Repcillin is what they call a repair barrier moisturizer. The oils in the balm nourish the skin, alleviate the dryness and consequently the itchiness. The beeswax in the balm locks in the nourishment and prevents it escaping, soothing the skin for a long time.

Whatever your age, don’t be left without your “Keep calm and moisturize!” favourite tub of Repcillin balm.