Eczema Assistance Part 2

By emma


We often receive emails about eczema flare ups which coincide with the change of seasons.

Our skin is not only an important immune barrier, it's essential component to the heat regulation of the body.

As we get hot, we perspire and lose moisture via the skin. Equally, the wind and cold are aggressive and cause moisture loss.
Repcillin is what they call a repair barrier moisturizer. 

The oils in the balm nourish the skin, alleviate the dryness and consequently the itchiness. 

The beeswax in the balm locks in the nourishment and prevents it escaping, soothing the skin for a long time.

The ingredients in Repcillin Balm help to replenish lost moisture and lock it in- balancing out the extremes caused by seasonal climate changes.