Your Dream Skin

By emma.


A good night’s sleep works wonders. 

When you don’t get enough sleep, you end up very grumpy and your body releases cortisol. 

This increases dryness of the skin and inflammation. This is a common problem for children with excema. ...

Eat Healthier

By emma.


What you eat really does have an impact on your skin. 

The old saying “put garbage in and you get garbage out” is true. 

Stock up on a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. 

Every time you are tempted with a chocolate bar or a fizzy...

Tips to ease Paronychia for Bartenders

By emma.


Tip #1
Avoid touching lemons and limes. They contain citric acid which  accelerates the drying of your skin. Try to use tongs or toothpicks instead,

Tip #2 
Use Repcillin cream after your shift has finished. Apply the cream a few...

Curing Paronychia (Bar Rot)

By emma.


Paronychia, also known as Bar Rot, is a nail disease that can be found on the hands or feet. A bacterial or fungal infection occurs on the skin at the side or base of the nails. This can be either sudden (acute paronychia) or gradual (chronic...

Eczema in Children: Advice #5

By emma.


It is recommended to cover as much of your child's skin as possible with non-allergenic lightweight cotton before going to bed. This helps reduce any itching that might've occured. 

Take care not to overdress your child as this could make...

Eczema in Children: Advice: #4

By emma.


It is essential that a child's bath water is lukewarm and not too hot. A teaspoon of Repcillin oil can be poured into the running bath water to soothe the skin. 

Use non-perfumed soaps such as Pears or Dove as not to irritate the skin. Apply...

Eczema in Children: Advice #3

By emma.


Washing powders which are non-biological should be used instead of washing powders enriched with enzymes. 

Here's the difference between the two:

Did you know that it is...

Eczema in Children: Advice #2

By emma.


Extreme weather changes, such as hot and humid to cold and dry, can greatly affect a child's eczema. 
This is why it usually flares up with the change of seasons.

In order to help deal with this it is recommended to dress your children in...

Eczema in Children: Advice #1

By emma.


About 10% of infantile eczema is caused by food allergies. Food colourants and additives are present in a large variety of foods- It is essential to try and eliminate these as much as possible as they tend to aggravate the eczema condition. ...

Eczema in Children

By emma.

Eczema in children is a skin condition where the skin is very dry, sensitive and itchy. It can appear as an inflamed rash on any part of the body, but mostly it’s appears on the folds of the skin, elbows, back of the knees, eyelids and hands. In babies it is often on the cheeks and torso.